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It is important to consider developing a comprehensive estate plan that is tailored to the unique aspects of your situation and your estate.  You need to prepare and make sure your loved ones are protected and cared for when you are no longer there.  Wills ensure that your property is divided according to your wishes, whereas trusts can protect your property from probate and taxes.

Estate planning can maximize the protection of your family.

 • Revocable Trust:  You can maintain ownership and control of your property with a revocable

   trust.  You may change the terms of a trust at any time while you are still mentally


 • Irrevocable Trust:  You relinquish your ownership and control of your property when it is

   place in an irrevocable trust.  You may not change the terms of the trust once they are put in


 • Testamentary Trust:  You can establish a testamentary trust after your

   death, through your will.

The three types of trusts include:

With the assistance of a competent estate planning attorney, you will be able to understand the differences and benefits of the various types of trusts available.  You will also be made aware of the consequences of each trust to assist you in selecting the appropriate trust to maximize your estate planning goals.


It is important to seek the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorney if you own property, if your marital status has changed, if you have children, or if you wish to leave an inheritance to a friend or a relative.  Your situation will be discussed, and you will learn about all the options available to you in the estate planning process.  You will be able to design the best plan for your situation and your goals.


Most people should put an estate plan in place to protect their assets and their family.  If something should happen to you, an estate plan will provide support for your loved ones in their time of need.  Our professionals will help you through the legal process and establish or administer your estate so that you can have peace of mind.

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You can hold and invest your property for the benefit of another through a legal entity called a trust.  Trusts can be established during your lifetime or as outlined in your will after your death.  Trust can be designed to allow you to remain in complete control or limited control of your property.

Invest your property

Are you facing probate?

Our legal team can provide you with legal representation throughout the process whether you are an heir or are in charge of a loved one’s estate, including managing creditors and the courts.

• Wills

• Trusts

• Living wills

• Powers of attorney

Estate planning representation includes:

  • Estate Planning

  • Trust Planning

  • Administration of Estates and Trusts

  • Accounting and Tax Filings for Trusts and Estates

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